• Material: Pipe : M.S / S.S.
  • Material: Expanding Material : Aluminium
  • Available Size: Core ID : From 3" to 8”
  • Available Size: Length : up to 5000 mm(197")

  • The pipes in these Air shafts are composed of steel, which makes them extremely tough.
  • These air shaft gives good support to the core ID, which is beneficial in the case of thin & narrow cores.
  • These shafts are assembled with durable, hardwearing rubber tubes for longevity.
  • The Aluminium Lugs Comes With Diamond Cut & Knurling Pattern For Better Griping.
  • The Coreless Winding Is Also Possible In This Air Shaft.

our integrated features

We offer a wide range of Leaf Type Doctoring Air Shaft. These leaf-type air shafts are generally used for unwinding activities. If you want to minimize the deformation of the core with air pressure, you are recommended to use leaf type shaft. With full-length external leaves, these shafts are particularly suited for delicate materials. These shafts are primarily used in Printing machines, Slitting machines, and Paper & Packaging machines.