• Material: Pipe : M.S / S.S.
  • Material: Expanding Material : Aluminium
  • Available Size: Core ID : From 3" to 8”
  • Available Size: Length : up to 5000 mm(197")

  • The pipes in these Air shafts are composed of steel, which makes them extremely tough.
  • These air shaft gives good support to the core ID, which is beneficial in the case of thin & narrow cores.
  • These shafts are assembled with durable, hardwearing rubber tubes for longevity.
  • The Aluminium Lugs Comes With Diamond Cut & Knurling Pattern For Better Griping.
  • The Coreless Winding Is Also Possible In This Air Shaf

our integrated features

We offer a wide variety of Lug Type Doctoring Air Shaft. They are widely used in winding/unwinding operations and are ideal for single-core applications. They help to manage the web material, such as in film extrusion plants, Continuous printing presses, Lamination machines, Coating machines, Textile machines, and Paper & Slitting machines