• Material : Body : EN19
  • Material : Ball : S.S
  • Available Size : Core ID : From 3" & 6”
  • Available Size : Width : 25 mm & 50 mm
  • Available Size : Length : up to 5000 mm(197")

  • These Shaft Can Run At A Very High Speed & High Tension
  • Each ball lock can slip at different speed and same tension
  • Small width winding is also possible on this shafts.
  • Reel-Holding Is Possible In Any Location Across The Length
  • These shafts are leak-proof, low maintenance and highly efficient.

our integrated features

Friction Flange Style Shaft is the ideal solution for multiple and independent rolls rewinding on the same shaft, as each one needs a proper web tension. All of the cores are required to slip continuously, however, some will slip more than others in order to maintain the same tension. A Friction shaft can be used in Various high-speed machineries such as in Slitting Industries, Printing & Packaging Industries.